How does she do all of that???

I am constantly asked how in the world I do all that I do. My best answer is….I know what needs to be done and what is not all that important.

While my 31 days to organization was such a big hit and I LOVED writing it, I am still not done. It is not because I can’t do it all, it is because I chose my health and my kids over the last week of that project. I still have a goal to finish it. I had to step back from one thing for a short time in order to keep my house going strong.

I also give all I have to everything that I do. Does this mean that everything turns out perfect? No way!! I have lots of faults. I have lots of shortcomings. The glory of it all is that Jesus makes up those. I do have a strong faith in Jesus and what He did for me. Do I know all the Hebrew meanings and Jewish customs…no. Do I know all of the answers for all the religious stuff out there….no. What I do know is the profound effect that loving Jesus has had on my life. That encourages me to do all things for Him.  He knows my heart and He knows my shortcomings better than I do, but He still calls me to lots of things. I have eternity to rest and travel and climb and float the rivers of heaven.

I do a lot. Not every one can do that. Not every one can go constantly like I do. I love it. I wish I could do more for more people. I have to put life in perspective though and only do what I should do for this season right now.

If you are struggling, I encourage you to do a life inventory. I am doing one currently. Here are the easy steps to getting your life back:

Look at everything you do.

Write it ALL down. Housework? Kids activities? School? Work? Girl’s Night Out? ALL OF IT.

Make two columns for each thing. Pay attention over a short amount of time how these things make you feel. What you get out of it. What you give back through it.

Then look over it. Pray over it. Meditate on the words. Is there something you can let go of? Believe me, if it is not bringing you peace or joy, you are not doing it or anyone else any favors. Let it go. Is it your job??? Can’t let go of it?? Do the same thing at work. Write everything about your work down. Think about each thing and person at work. Someone bringing you down? Can you avoid them at work? Can you transfer or move your desk? Talk to your boss. Look for ways to make the job you have the job you want.

I am always around to help. I love the saying, “do what you love, love what you do”.

Live it friends~

Dayspring Girl

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Why it’s ok to be a homemaker AND hire a house cleaner…

So many of us “Christian Women” use the Bible to create a “lookey at me and all that I do” banner to wave around. Well, it is my opinion that it is perfectly fine to hire someone to clean your house so that you can do other things.



Ok, don’t start throwing Proverbs 31 rocks at me. That chick had a super cape…or a lifetime to do all those things. We like to think we are supposed to do EVERYTHING in one day everyday. Homeschool our children, have perfectly healthy well-rounded meals every meal, clean house, make love to our husbands all the time, teach sunday school, volunteer at every committee we can, and on and on and on….

Let it Go, Sister.

We are not super humans.

Don’t throw the ”I can do all things in Christ” rock either.

We CAN do all things in Christ, I know. But I would beg to argue that we should do what ever we do LIKE Christ instead of trying to do everything RIGHT NOW and slowly kill our earthly bodies from stress and tiredness. Do less and do it better. This may cause you to hire a house cleaner. (it’s ok to do that instead of giving up girl’s night;)

There are so many women that are blessed with the gift of cleaning that are trying to help contribute to their family to pay for the things that usually can’t happen without extra income. Even once a month makes a huge difference in our homes.

I was making myself and my kids work non-stop in the free moments we had between work, running our business, homeschool, etc to clean. I know some of you will throw the “you need to teach them responsibility” rock next. They have plenty of chores even with a house cleaner. They have animals to care for, they do their own laundry, they help with dinner and clean up. I was tired of missing out on my kids. They are only little for such a short, short time.


Don’t beat yourself up, friends. Ask for help where you need it. We were not created to live on an island. Can’t afford a house cleaner? Trade time with another mom that can’t afford one. Keep her kids so she can do a big cleaning and she can do the same for you. The kids get a play day and you can rock out to your favorite tunes and clean it up!

It is time we let go of throwing bible verses at each other to tear another down. We need to help each other, love each other and realize that we may not be able to be everything to everyone at all times. That should be the beauty of the church (which doesn’t have to be a building on main street).

Enjoy your family today

~Dayspring Girl

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What a month it has been. I have been a little overwhelmed with opening a new business in my home town. While I don’t have a lot of inventory, it has been somewhat of a sudden real-life brain teaser come to life. I give much kuddos to all of the small business owners out there!!

I am opening a facility where we can teach classes and hold workshops over a multitude of skills and talents. We will have a variety of teachers to help teach these classes. I am still selling Shaklee and Clever Container and doing Professional Organizing and all of these are working well together. And taking off all at the same time!! I am keeping my day job as it provides a steady paycheck and I learn a lot everyday there.

Is my life crazy? Yes. Do I feel like it’s all too much…..well, sometimes :) . I have a good support system. It is the only way one person can do all of this. Because in reality, it is not just one person.

I wanted to update you. I have also missed my blog. It is one of my favorite things to do first thing in morning. Speaking of mornings, I need to start getting back up early. I fell off these past two weeks and miss my quiet time, bible time, prayer time, blog time and COFFEE. :)

I am glad to be back and I am glad to be able to share this adventure with you. I guess you never know what it around the corner! Pics coming soon…

~Dayspring Girl

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~Be back soon~

Due to rounds of illness in my family, I just simply had to stop where I was. I plan on picking eerything back up in a week. I think we are finally on the downward side of the hill. I sure hope so. I am sorry that it ended my 31 days early. I plan on finishing it and posting all the pictures. I just need to clean my house, our clothes and get us all up and running at normal speed again. I hope you are all feeling well and doing great!! It never hurts to slow down when you know you need to.


I miss you all and will be back very soon!!

~Dayspring Girl

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day 23

I wish this was posting on January 23. I have had a house full of germs and well, my 31 days has now turned into 35 or so days. I will be trying to get caught up over the next two days. Thanks for hanging in there….sometimes sick happens.


Today I want to touch on Jewelry. There are so many nifty ideas on Pinterest that I won’t even try and contain all of that here. I want to be more specific than that. We can use paper towel holders, candle holders, screens, rakes and all of that to make our stuff look cute, but we need to take it a step further and organize it.

By this I mean to make some categories: bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, pins, watches, etc. In these categories we have certain ones that are saved for special occasions and ones that we wear everyday or with a certain outfit/dress. With my daughter, I have to store everything that goes with an outfit all together. I use drawstring baggies to hold hair clips, necklaces etc. and hang on the hook with the outfit. (yes, she wears necklaces at 1!) This might be a good idea when traveling with your jewelry to make sure you have what you need for every outfit.

I also store some of my jewelry with the shoes for a certain dress.  I have three dresses that I wear for special occasions. I have certain shoes, jewelry, shawl, etc that I pair with it. It all goes in the shoe box so that I can just grab the dress and box and go.

Once we have our categories made, store the dressy stuff together (maybe it’s the pretty stuff you want to display) and the daily stuff together. I keep all of my little studs together so that I can see them all. I have a lot of jewelry. I love it. I love having a nice choice of things to pick from. Now, with that said….I will admit that the only “real” stuff came from my husband, dad and meme. :)

By keeping your jewelry organized into categories before piling them on something, you will find certain items quickly and easily when getting ready. If you can’t remember what you have for certain outfits…lay out outfits on your bed with your shoes and jewelry and take pictures. Hang in them in your closet or punch a hole in them on put them on a ring for a quick look when in a hurry. Make it easy on your self.

Thanks again for hanging in there. This has been fun for me and a new adventure -

Dayspring Girl

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Day 22


It’s closet time!!!! Nooo!! you say….it’s ok. It will be worth it!

I just went through my closet. I will show you mine if you will show me yours. ;)

This is my closet with prego and after baby clothes still in there.

This is my closet with prego and after baby clothes still in there.


So you know how this goes, right? You take it all out. We have already measured – haven’t we? Have you done inventory for your closet? It is tough and takes time but well worth it. What do we really need? I wear and wash the same group of clothes in a season. I am moving down the road of simplicity.  It is easier to find clothes when you can fit in everything you have and you love everything in your closet. Be strict on your love-it rule.

Another rule I like is the one touch rule. You may only touch an item once. Pick it up, make a decision, do not pick it back up. Make four piles. Keep, Donate, Trash, Mend. I have two colors of trash bags and two boxes for this process. Boxes for keep and mend. Trash bags for donate and trash. Label them if you need help remembering.

I use clear plastic boxes for my shoes. I have a hanger for all of my flip flops and I use a crate to hold “outside” shoes.  I get my shoe boxes from Walmart or Ace Hardware store for under a dollar. Organization does not have to be expensive.  I also use a hanging purse organizer for my smaller purses and a scarve organizer. Here are some examples for you:


Keep sweaters from falling over!

Keep sweaters from falling over!

Hang your purses instead of on the floor or shelves.

Hang your purses instead of on the floor or shelves.

Hang belts, scarves, necklaces, and more with hangers like these.

Hang belts, scarves, necklaces, and more with hangers like these.









I also group my shirts together, pants together, skirts together, and so on. Just general groupings to help me find things.

If you are following along, let me know! I want to know how it is going. :)

~Dayspring Girl

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Day 21

How’s it goin, friend? Hanging in there? I hope so. I know it’s hard to get organized with life spinning in fast motion. One step at a time!

Today we are going to talk about sheet organization.

My kids are weird. They do not use top sheets. You know, the flat-easy to fold ones?? They only use the fitted sheet and a comfortor. So, I finally just got rid of the flat sheets so that I didn’t use up my drawer. I have two sheets for summer (light weight cotton) and two for winter (flannel) for each bed in our house. I would like to say that I change the beds and do all of the sheet laundry and put them back on in one day. yea right. That hardly ever happens!!! So, instead of trying to figure out what to do at bedtime because I forgot the sheets again….we bought two. I just change the sheets and save the dirty sheets for my “everything else” laundry day.

I keep my clean sheets in a drawer in the hallway. I use a system that makes it easy to keep the sets together. I put the whole set in one of the pillow cases. Don’t panic, it is easier than you think to fold the fitted sheet. :) Mine are not Martha Stewart flat, but it works! If you are having a hard time finding somewhere to store them, store them under the mattress of the bed they fit. Easy to find!

I can just grab one thing to change the entire bed. Remember to change those pillow cases! :)

Here’s to clean beds!

~Dayspring Girl

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Day 20

If you have followed me for a bit, you know that I am a Shaklee Girl. Shaklee is a vitamin company that makes lots of products that are safe for us and our planet. They are also a carbon neutral company that strives to make a difference world wide. I am sharing how to organize your vitamins by switching to Shaklee today. I don’t like to be pushy or make this a “buy from me” blog, but I feel very passionate about Shaklee and have taken their vitamins for while. If I get off track and don’t take them I can sure tell a difference!

If you get overwhelmed by all the different things to take and when to take them, etc. I have one product that provides a comprehensive plan for you, packaged by day.

The Shaklee Vitalizer

The Shaklee Vitalizer


There are formulas for men, women and seniors. This makes it all easy and convenient. We have also created delivery systems so that the right things disolve in the right places. If you have any questions, please let me know. You can find this at

Have a great day!

~Dayspring Girl

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Day 19

oh….those bathroom cabinets. I thought kitchen cabinets were bad. Bathrooms seem to be a magnet for everything that doesn’t have a home elsewhere.

Let’s discuss a few things first.

Where do you get ready? Bathroom? Bedroom? Your car?? LOL

Let’s define a space for you to get ready in the morning. If it is in here, we will address it now. If not, we will just move it out of the bathroom and set it where you actually get ready. Mine is my big mirror in my bedroom. Sitting on the floor with Molly. May not be that way forever, but for now it is better than fighting her to quit playing in the toilet.

So, next question….how many people do we have to accomodate in here? I have four people in ours. Big T has is own bathroom. Weird set up but it works for us. I have organized the bathroom so that the adults have one of the shelves above the toilet and the kids each have a drawer in the vanity. I added a mirror at kid height behind the door so that little t can fix his own hair. Helps a lot!

I have shared in the past that we are color coded. Our towels are not designer colors, they are our colors. Everyone has two towels (except my hunk, he has 4). I can look in the bathroom and see who’s towel is on the ground, who needs clean towels, etc. I have just done the bathroom in neutral colors to accomodate the towel colors.

Once again we need to pull everything out. Is your medicine cabinet in your bathroom? I suggest buying closing containers that you can use to organize and label your medicines….

These have lids that lock and stack together very well.

These have lids that lock and stack together very well.


This is my medicine cabinet. I love the labels and everything fits together very well. When we did this, we found that we had too many of some products and not enough of another. This is where our inventory lists come in handy. You could hang a copy inside the cabinet door and mark things as they get low for a handy shopping list.

While you have everything in a big scary pile, wipe out your cabinets and drawers. This is another place that zones come in handy. Think about your mornings and group things together that each person uses. My hunk has a bucket in his cabinet that holds all of the items for the morning. He pulls it out and sets it on the counter. Easy to use and easy to put away. (yes, it’s in his color!) Little t and Little Miss M have drawers that we just pull open and use them. Every bathroom is differenct and each family has their way of managing the space they have. Be realistic. Get rid of anything you do not use in there.

Your mornings and your family will thank you!

~Dayspring Girl

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Day 18

Ahhh…Laundry. I am actually doing some right now. I only have to do my own laundry and Little Miss M’s laundry because everyone in my house does their own laundry. GASP!

Yes, I have two boys and they have been doing their own laundry for about 3 years now. I started out finding the perfect trash can that fits one load in it. Remember how I said my kids are color-coded? They each have a laundry basket in their perspective color. They know when it gets to the top it is one load. Last school year I also put “laundry days” into place. Each person has their own day of laundry and then one day for all the other stuff: sheets, towels, etc. I write this on our family calendar which is hanging in our family center.

I taught them how to load it. We do not sort by colors….yet this does provide a good lesson as well. I have marked the laundry scoop with a Sharpie so they know where the line is and I have shown them how to check the settings. They also clean out the lint filter every load. I taught them young enough that it was exciting still, lol. Now they feel the burden of doing it themselves. ha! They also have to put it all away.

Do I have to put with wrinkles sometimes, yes. It is more important to me that they learn valuable life lessons than to have perfect clothes every single time.

This is another room/area that you need to pull everything out and wipe down. Group like things together. If you are like me, before I started organizing I had way too many of many things. Which makes it cluttered. If you have room to put up a shower curtain rod, it will provide you a way to hang hangers and clothes as they come out of the dryer.

Do you keep all of your cleaning supplies in here? I use Shaklee and can fit all of my cleaning supplies in one carrier and they last me months. You can find it HERE

Your laundry area is an area in your home that is usually a dreadful place that only means work. Lighten it up with a pretty paint color, add some fun bins to store your items in. Hang a picture of each person and pray over them as their laundry is being done. It can become a beautiful place in your home. I love going to Wal-Mart or the local paint/lumber store to look at the mis-tinted paint. Someone just didn’t like them and they are sold at a discounted rate. I have painted many rooms with paint from there. AWESOME!

Let everyone help you, let go of perfectionism, and make your laundry room a room of joy for yourself and others. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on new everything. Look around your house and see if there are a few things that you love that you just can’t find a home for. Let them set the tone for your laundry room.

Be Glad my friends, we could still be using wash basins!! ;)

~Dayspring Girl

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