About me

Dayspring -  The spring of day. The rise of the sun. The dawning of a new day. New hope.

The night is over. (insert my favorite song from the Gathering service at FUMC Altus)

This is me. Thankfully, I have experienced the dayspring of life many times, unfortunatly that means I had to go through many dark times to see the dawn. I am a new creation. We all live in a new creation every single morning. Every day there is a dayspring of hope and of a new day.

I am so excited that you are here to see what this is all about.  I am just getting started in a new chapter of life over flowing with challenges, adventures and blessings. This is my story. It is a story of adventure. It is a story of heartbreak, triumph and learning. It is a story of love. It is a story of my husbandand and I trusting God as we strive live simply, raise our children and be everything that we were created to be. Please visit often. I will be here, pouring out my guts and glory in hopes to make you laugh and maybe even cry sometimes.

To help you follow along…here are the many hats I wear and some of the characters of my story:

Wife to my hunky long hauler, here will just call him my hunk ( I like to call him hunk of burning love, but he isn’t found of that :) )

Mom to Big T, little t and Little Miss M

Manager of a local office for a fast food chain (the more you get to know me, the weirder this hat will seem)

Shaklee Distributor (my FAVORITE products out there)

Professional Organizer my new business adventure

Friend to some of the best people around, I really don’t know how they put up with me

And daughter to our list of parents.

I will try and help you keep them straight……

~Dayspring Girl

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