Day 18

Ahhh…Laundry. I am actually doing some right now. I only have to do my own laundry and Little Miss M’s laundry because everyone in my house does their own laundry. GASP!

Yes, I have two boys and they have been doing their own laundry for about 3 years now. I started out finding the perfect trash can that fits one load in it. Remember how I said my kids are color-coded? They each have a laundry basket in their perspective color. They know when it gets to the top it is one load. Last school year I also put “laundry days” into place. Each person has their own day of laundry and then one day for all the other stuff: sheets, towels, etc. I write this on our family calendar which is hanging in our family center.

I taught them how to load it. We do not sort by colors….yet this does provide a good lesson as well. I have marked the laundry scoop with a Sharpie so they know where the line is and I have shown them how to check the settings. They also clean out the lint filter every load. I taught them young enough that it was exciting still, lol. Now they feel the burden of doing it themselves. ha! They also have to put it all away.

Do I have to put with wrinkles sometimes, yes. It is more important to me that they learn valuable life lessons than to have perfect clothes every single time.

This is another room/area that you need to pull everything out and wipe down. Group like things together. If you are like me, before I started organizing I had way too many of many things. Which makes it cluttered. If you have room to put up a shower curtain rod, it will provide you a way to hang hangers and clothes as they come out of the dryer.

Do you keep all of your cleaning supplies in here? I use Shaklee and can fit all of my cleaning supplies in one carrier and they last me months. You can find it HERE

Your laundry area is an area in your home that is usually a dreadful place that only means work. Lighten it up with a pretty paint color, add some fun bins to store your items in. Hang a picture of each person and pray over them as their laundry is being done. It can become a beautiful place in your home. I love going to Wal-Mart or the local paint/lumber store to look at the mis-tinted paint. Someone just didn’t like them and they are sold at a discounted rate. I have painted many rooms with paint from there. AWESOME!

Let everyone help you, let go of perfectionism, and make your laundry room a room of joy for yourself and others. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on new everything. Look around your house and see if there are a few things that you love that you just can’t find a home for. Let them set the tone for your laundry room.

Be Glad my friends, we could still be using wash basins!! ;)

~Dayspring Girl

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Hey there! I am wife, mother, daughter, blogger, teacher, student and more. I live in small town Oklahoma and, along with many of you, know that there is more to life. I am on an adventure to become everything I was meant to be. I am funding this adventure through Shaklee.....and I hope to take you along!
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