Day 19

oh….those bathroom cabinets. I thought kitchen cabinets were bad. Bathrooms seem to be a magnet for everything that doesn’t have a home elsewhere.

Let’s discuss a few things first.

Where do you get ready? Bathroom? Bedroom? Your car?? LOL

Let’s define a space for you to get ready in the morning. If it is in here, we will address it now. If not, we will just move it out of the bathroom and set it where you actually get ready. Mine is my big mirror in my bedroom. Sitting on the floor with Molly. May not be that way forever, but for now it is better than fighting her to quit playing in the toilet.

So, next question….how many people do we have to accomodate in here? I have four people in ours. Big T has is own bathroom. Weird set up but it works for us. I have organized the bathroom so that the adults have one of the shelves above the toilet and the kids each have a drawer in the vanity. I added a mirror at kid height behind the door so that little t can fix his own hair. Helps a lot!

I have shared in the past that we are color coded. Our towels are not designer colors, they are our colors. Everyone has two towels (except my hunk, he has 4). I can look in the bathroom and see who’s towel is on the ground, who needs clean towels, etc. I have just done the bathroom in neutral colors to accomodate the towel colors.

Once again we need to pull everything out. Is your medicine cabinet in your bathroom? I suggest buying closing containers that you can use to organize and label your medicines….

These have lids that lock and stack together very well.

These have lids that lock and stack together very well.


This is my medicine cabinet. I love the labels and everything fits together very well. When we did this, we found that we had too many of some products and not enough of another. This is where our inventory lists come in handy. You could hang a copy inside the cabinet door and mark things as they get low for a handy shopping list.

While you have everything in a big scary pile, wipe out your cabinets and drawers. This is another place that zones come in handy. Think about your mornings and group things together that each person uses. My hunk has a bucket in his cabinet that holds all of the items for the morning. He pulls it out and sets it on the counter. Easy to use and easy to put away. (yes, it’s in his color!) Little t and Little Miss M have drawers that we just pull open and use them. Every bathroom is differenct and each family has their way of managing the space they have. Be realistic. Get rid of anything you do not use in there.

Your mornings and your family will thank you!

~Dayspring Girl

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Hey there! I am wife, mother, daughter, blogger, teacher, student and more. I live in small town Oklahoma and, along with many of you, know that there is more to life. I am on an adventure to become everything I was meant to be. I am funding this adventure through Shaklee.....and I hope to take you along!
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