Day 2

Hey there! How is it going? Resolutions made?

I have made some pretty big ones this year and hoping to have a great year! If I just keep half of them – I will still make a huge change of lifestyle, so I can handle 50%!

Day 2 is not a fun one. It is hard, tedious and really not a lot of fun.  (just trying to be honest here :) BUT!!! it will be a HUGE step to being organized from the inside out.

Speaking of inside out – I want to pause on that a minute. We can make our homes and lives “look” organized. We can paint our cabinets and vacuum our carpets. We can hang the latest wood pallet invention on our walls, cover every soup can in the house and still be UNorganized. When I talk about being organized, I am talking about under the bed, behind the cabinet doors, and even in the file cabinet.

When you visit my house, you may think there is NO way SHE is organized. Give me 15 minutes and I will show you how a messy house can be cleaned very quickly if you are organized. I have three kids – when is my house NOT messy??  It is organized though. Everything has a place. Everything can find that place very quickly, we just choose to live in toys most of the time because this time will pass too quickly. I will be old and wishing I had toys scattered every where way sooner than I would like. So, with that said, I want to focus on being organized from the inside out. Go ahead, let your mother-in-law open those cabinet doors and laugh!

Back to Day Two – INVENTORY

I have posted about inventory before. I love inventory. It was always my favorite night to work retail when we did inventory. Everything was in order, counted and we got pizza! :)

I want you to start in your bathroom. Write down the products that everyone uses. My Hunk uses the same old stuff So he is easy. My boys are the same way. Me…well…that is another story. If you feel like you are getting no where with this organizing stuff, go ahead and throw away all the stuff you are not using.

*This is where I struggle sometimes*

- what if I could recycle (if you have a program for this – do it), what if I will use it again (it has a shelf life and your what ifs will probably outlive the product).  If it didn’t work like it said it would – take it back to the store!!! I use a product from Clever Container to put the things in that I want to take back, to Goodwill, or even things I need to go back to a friend.


Yes, It is huge!! hahaha! It is perfect.

Yes, It is huge!! hahaha! It is perfect.


Don’t let OCD/Pinterest addiction take over here. Use a trash bag if you need to. They do not have to match or have perfect labels on them.


Just get out the old trustee Sharpee and get to work! I use my kids’ old notebooks from school. They have to take a bajillion to school and only write in half of each one…so I end up with lots of left over paper. These inventory lists will later be turned into one of kind – personalized for your family – pretty shopping lists!!!!! whoo hooo!! This is when Pinterest can take over and you can feel like mother of the year when you enter your favorite store. :)

Ok – so start with the bathroom. Inventory EVERYTHING. This step will take more than one day. it’s ok. Bathroom products, towels, toilet paper, femine products (your spouse will thank you later), you get the point. Just write down the name, what kind of product it is and how many you have. My family is color coded. Towels, labels, etc are all in that person’s color. I can see who hasn’t washed their towels in the blink of an eye! (note to self: it’s usually me).

Next I want you to make your way through your home inventoring everything there is. You may want to focus on area a day. Don’t overwhem yourself. This is a life changing thing and you need to take your time to make sure it is complete and accurate. Here is a list of my areas just in case it helps:

  • Laundry Room
  • Each of the kid’s rooms: closet, drawers, etc
  • Bathroom(s)
  • Kitchen
  • Refridgerator
  • Freezers
  • Cars
  • Silverware
  • Party Items
  • Medicine cabinet
  • Pet Items
  • Linen Closet
  • Craft Room
  • Paper supplies if you use them
  • Coat Closet (this is where we keep winter items, batteries, extension cords, etc)
  • Desk Area
  • Closets (ALL.OF.THEM)
  • Your room. :)


So, this may seen daunting and exhausting. It’s just something you have to do. We can’t organize if we don’t know what we have. It will free you as we go along. And, it will change your shopping habits when we get to that part. I promise.

Well, I warned you today would be a lot of work. If you get in a spot that you just can’t do this alone – I do offer Professional Organizing Services. Call me, don’t give up. You can live an organized life that creates peace in your home and life.

~Dayspring Girl

I can be reached at 580-318-4240



About Dayspring Girl

Hey there! I am wife, mother, daughter, blogger, teacher, student and more. I live in small town Oklahoma and, along with many of you, know that there is more to life. I am on an adventure to become everything I was meant to be. I am funding this adventure through Shaklee.....and I hope to take you along!
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3 Responses to Day 2

  1. Kelly says:

    Hello, I am new here and have been enjoying your posts.
    This one touched my heart…”I will be old and wishing I had toys scattered every where way sooner than I would like.” I think about that a LOT! I remind myself all the time of that country song, “You’re going to miss this. You’re going to want this back. You’re going to wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast.” It seems that life flies and I would like to slow it down and savor it more.
    I also choose to have toys strewn while she is playing with them and we are working hard to gain that peace that comes from everything having a place…in every part of our home.
    During our marriage we have lived in homes that were large (4000) square feet to small (1000 square feet with no closets). We are now in small of 1411 square feet and I keep getting rid of tons and it still doesn’t fit. My little and I are on a mission to get it done.
    I opened a drawer yesterday for my little to see that I had finally got it streamlined. It used to house every utensil in our kitchen as we have 4 drawers. Insert grumpy face. I brought a card into our kitchen that has drawers to spread it all out and get it divided by type and how often we use it. My little hugged me and said “oh thank you Mama.” She desires order and now I do too!
    Thank you for keeping it real and sharing your story!

  2. Organize365 says:

    I love master lists! They are SO freeing! Once you make one you can always reference and tweak it. You will no longer come home from the store and say… UGH we forgot to get more….

    Great idea!

    :) Lisa

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