Day 20

If you have followed me for a bit, you know that I am a Shaklee Girl. Shaklee is a vitamin company that makes lots of products that are safe for us and our planet. They are also a carbon neutral company that strives to make a difference world wide. I am sharing how to organize your vitamins by switching to Shaklee today. I don’t like to be pushy or make this a “buy from me” blog, but I feel very passionate about Shaklee and have taken their vitamins for while. If I get off track and don’t take them I can sure tell a difference!

If you get overwhelmed by all the different things to take and when to take them, etc. I have one product that provides a comprehensive plan for you, packaged by day.

The Shaklee Vitalizer

The Shaklee Vitalizer


There are formulas for men, women and seniors. This makes it all easy and convenient. We have also created delivery systems so that the right things disolve in the right places. If you have any questions, please let me know. You can find this at

Have a great day!

~Dayspring Girl

About Dayspring Girl

Hey there! I am wife, mother, daughter, blogger, teacher, student and more. I live in small town Oklahoma and, along with many of you, know that there is more to life. I am on an adventure to become everything I was meant to be. I am funding this adventure through Shaklee.....and I hope to take you along!
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