day 23

I wish this was posting on January 23. I have had a house full of germs and well, my 31 days has now turned into 35 or so days. I will be trying to get caught up over the next two days. Thanks for hanging in there….sometimes sick happens.


Today I want to touch on Jewelry. There are so many nifty ideas on Pinterest that I won’t even try and contain all of that here. I want to be more specific than that. We can use paper towel holders, candle holders, screens, rakes and all of that to make our stuff look cute, but we need to take it a step further and organize it.

By this I mean to make some categories: bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, pins, watches, etc. In these categories we have certain ones that are saved for special occasions and ones that we wear everyday or with a certain outfit/dress. With my daughter, I have to store everything that goes with an outfit all together. I use drawstring baggies to hold hair clips, necklaces etc. and hang on the hook with the outfit. (yes, she wears necklaces at 1!) This might be a good idea when traveling with your jewelry to make sure you have what you need for every outfit.

I also store some of my jewelry with the shoes for a certain dress.  I have three dresses that I wear for special occasions. I have certain shoes, jewelry, shawl, etc that I pair with it. It all goes in the shoe box so that I can just grab the dress and box and go.

Once we have our categories made, store the dressy stuff together (maybe it’s the pretty stuff you want to display) and the daily stuff together. I keep all of my little studs together so that I can see them all. I have a lot of jewelry. I love it. I love having a nice choice of things to pick from. Now, with that said….I will admit that the only “real” stuff came from my husband, dad and meme. :)

By keeping your jewelry organized into categories before piling them on something, you will find certain items quickly and easily when getting ready. If you can’t remember what you have for certain outfits…lay out outfits on your bed with your shoes and jewelry and take pictures. Hang in them in your closet or punch a hole in them on put them on a ring for a quick look when in a hurry. Make it easy on your self.

Thanks again for hanging in there. This has been fun for me and a new adventure -

Dayspring Girl

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