Haute Homemaking 101

Hey all you local homemakers! This is a group that I started to help us all become those homemakers we all dream of….or just to hem up that pair of pants that have been sitting there for 6 months.

We generally meet the last Saturday of the Month at my house. We share snacks, tips, how-tos, laughs and, sometimes, tears. The kids play, the moms work, and life is a little better for a short period of time.

Join our Facebook group – Haute Homemaking 101  or just check here for more info. I will add the group meetings on the calendar and I will post all of instructions and pics here.

I love providing for my family. My meals don’t always turn out, my clothes are wrinkled most of time, but I love learning and I do everything from the heart. The saying in my house is that the smoke alarm is the dinner bell! So, don’t ever feel like you have to do everything perfectly. As the FlyLady says, “Housework done wrong still blesses your family”. See you at the end of the month!!

My first garden in the new house!

We will have a guest Blogger coming this winter to help us prepare for next year’s garden!

~2013 Calendar Update~

January 2013 – We will meet on January 26th for an organizing session. Bring your favorite way to organize your home, finances, car, calendar to share if you have one. I am looking forward to seeing you all!

February 2013 – We will meet on February 23rd – We are doing a sewing and sewing machine night!

March 2013 – We will meet on March 30th – Baking night!

April 2013 – We will meet on April 27th – Gardening night! Including composting, when to plant, info about local garden club and more!! Hopefully it will be a nice evening out in the garden :)

May 2013 – We will meet on May 18th  – We are doing a Canning session!

June 2013 – We will meet June 23rd (we will focus on camping fun, vacation organization, and have some water fun!)

July 2013 – We will meet July 27th. Back to school and planning family fun night!

August 2013 – We will meet August 31st. Financial planning and tips! yes, even this can be fun! LOL

September 2013 – We will meet September 28th. Maybe a recipe swap? Meal planning night? or scrapbook night? We will see where we are led for this night.

October 2013 – We will meet October 19th for a fall/halloween night. Costume making?

November 2013 – We will close out the year with our annual craft/sewing/baking/homemaking stuff swap on November 16th. Fun night to give away/get new! :)

I plan on Live Streaming our HomeMaker nights, so comment here if you are interested!

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