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Adventures cost money, right??  To be adventurous you need fuel, right? That’s where Shaklee comes in.

Shaklee has a way to help move into a work at home, from my smartphone or on my computer lifestyle that no other company can do. They offer the highest quality vitamins and supplements that will fuel your body for all the many hats that you wear as well.

My quest to find vitamins for my oldest son, Big T, lead me to Shaklee. They have kosher vitamins that do not contain milk. Big T has a food allergy that forced us into the life of dairy free, no preservatives food way before it was the new thing.  Shaklee has provided us a way to share that with our friends as well. I will be sharing many posts on how to use Shaklee and how to provide an income for you to be a stay at home mom. Selling vitamins and supplements not your thing? Let Shaklee provide an income for you to pursue your real passion. There is a way. God has so much for us, friends!


Many Uses for Shaklee:

Green cleaning at home and on the farm.

Providing proven, potent and powerful vitamins and supplements for the whole family.

Aiding in wieght loss that is not just another “processed protein shake”.

Income replacement with a plan to create lifetime wealth.

Membership options with discount prices for your customers!

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Check out our vitamins : Vitalizer Video


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Believe in yourself and you will make it happen!!

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